A world built in sketches over the month of October


Seamic outpost at the 42nd pass, "The Quilted Dawn Gate"

Forgotten statue, carved to a lost constellation. Found in spring time and bound, a ritual said to encourage a long spring

A fisherman's knife, from the Ceruleans. Handle inlaid with decorations depicting the movement of the Twins, sheath painted with images of local islands.

Remnants of our ancestors, long abandoned by us but adopted by these forests that have surrounded them, seemingly growing from nothing in otherwise barren lands.

Collection of assorted instruments, gathered by Travellers and held at the Library of Glass Ceilings and Painted Walls

Mending and modifying ones garments is central to a culture always on the move, that must withstand wildly varying climates and weather patterns. A beautiful pair of scissors is a treasure to hold close.

Section of ceramic tile from a western coastal town. Finished with a glaze mixture of local corals that combine to emit a dull bio luminescence.

Traditional marital necklace. Made by the couple in the days leading up to the ceremony. Throughout the celebrations they give the other permission to remove the necklace and wear it, trading it back and forth throughout the night.